Essex County Kids Karate Classes

Beginner Kids Karate Classes Enrolling In August!

Every parent wants to keep their child safe from harm, but it's impossible to be there every time the situation gets dangerous, or when our child gets harassed, bullied, or picked on. That's why it's important for your child to know how to defend themselves.

Guerrero BJJ Mixed Martial Arts In Caldwell Emphasizes Self-Defense Without Violence!

Guerrero's Kids Karate classes will give any child the knowledge and the confidence to handle uncomfortable situations. They'll learn to deal with confrontation and how to spot and avoid trouble and danger. Our fun and exciting Kids Karate program teaches a combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, ground grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts. Not only will your child learn the basics of kicking and punching, but also how to defend themselves when take to the ground. They'll learn to use leverage and natural inertia instead of brute strength, along with how to defend themselves against a realistic assault or attack.

Our Kids Karate Classes Are Effective And Realistic!

Each student will enjoy learning a variety of self-defense techniques and age-appropriate games that enhance motor skills and keep children active and interested. We teach traditional philosophies of martial arts, like respect, honor, teamwork, goal setting, and encourage kids to be the best they can inside and outside of our school.

Take The First Step To Improving Your Child's Future!

If you are close to Caldwell, West Orange, Montclair, or Wayne you won't be disappointed. Getting started is easy! Just fill out the short form on this page and get all the information you need sent directly to your inbox. If your child needs the confidence, self-discipline, and determination to achieve success, take action, and get them on the right path!

Benefits of Essex County kids karate

  • Developing A Higher Level Of Self-Esteem And Self-Control
  • Gaining The Confidence To Be Assertive And Not Aggressive
  • Building A Strong And Healthy Mind And Body
  • Developing Teamwork And Leadership Skills
  • Gain A New Appreciation For Academics
  • And Much, Much More!

Essex County 's only state of the art Karate Facility